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Cruz-Diez's estate is managed collegially, as a family, through the studios and the Cruz-Diez Foundation. The artist conceived his studio as a "casa-taller", a house-workshop, where life and art were one and the same thing.

The Cruz-Diez studios are places of life and history, which contribute for much today to the conservation of Cruz-Diez works and the preservation of the heritage he left. It is possible to visit them by appointment only.

To make an appointment, please contact us.

We work with a network of art galleries throughout the world. Please feel free to contact them directly, or to contact the studios to know the ones that are closest to you.

To authenticate a Cruz-Diez work, you can contact the authentication team of the Cruz-Diez Foundation. Please be advised that we do not deliver estimations of the artworks.

The Cruz-Diez studios are the only ones who are abilitated to restore artworks from Cruz-Diez. They own all the instructions and archives that allows them to do this work, and a dedicated professional team that works with a strict protocol.

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