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DATE: FROM 21/03/2024 TO 29/09/2024


Starting march 21st, El color en movimiento is an exhibition presenting a dedicated selection of works that retrace the artist’s interest on color within its different variations over time. A significant tribute to Carlos Cruz-Diez on his centenary.

(…) It is this continuous and whole presentness that radically distances the modernist work from what Fried calls theatre, by which he means any work of art that, in order to exist as such, presupposes being looked at and, in a sense, being performed, even if only by the eye. If there is one body of work that exists only through the gaze, or rather through successive gazes, that we cast upon it, it is that of Cruz-Diez.


Michel Gauthier, curator of the exhibition   – catalog of the exhibition El Color en Movimiento, 2024

The exhibition includes major artworks, among Proyecto para un mural exterior (1954), Ritmos móviles para un muro (1955), Chromoscope (1968) as well as Labyrinthe de transchromie (2017), Douche d'induction chromatique (2001), and Chromosaturation (2016), which enhance the relation with space and the colors we create. Interest in the audience is one of the axes that runs through all of Cruz-Diez's work and is present from the first stages of his research. 

As the curator of the current exhibition [Michel Gauthier] has pointed out, Cruz-Diez is undoubtedly the artist who has taken the exploration of the relativity of the chromatic phenomenon the furthest. (…)

It is these concerns and their results that (…) may be enjoyed first-hand at the exhibition now presented by the Pompidou Paris in Málaga, nine years after the centre’s opening. The show offers the public a unique opportunity to learn more about the work of one of the most outstanding artists of the second half of the 20th century”.


Francisco De la Torre Prados, mayor of Málaga  – catalog of the exhibition El Color en Movimiento, 2024

On this occasion, the Centre Pompidou Málaga hosts a conversation about Cruz-Diez memoirs Vivir en Arte : recuerdo de lo que me acuerdo (2014), presented by Carlos Cruz Diez Jr and Silviana Cruz Delgado (Atelier Cruz-Diez Paris). 

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